The Arizona SQL Server Users Group


January 2014:   


Data Quality Issues? There is a service for that. Bad data getting you down?


Speaker: Ginger Grant

Summary: Bad data getting you down? Tired of looking at the junk which got loaded into the database? It sure would be nice to clean some of that garbage data you had to load earlier, wouldn’t it. Data Quality Services is an underutilized feature of SQL Server 2012 which allows you to resolve data issues. This talk will demonstrate how to install DQS, just in case you missed it when you installed SQL Server 2012, and show how to get started with using it. You will also learn how to incorporating third party data from the Azure Marketplace to validate the data as well.

About Ginger: Ginger is a SQL Server MCSA with over for 10 years of experience in various versions of SQL Server, SQL and Business Intelligence. Being able to put things somewhere and retrieve them up with keystrokes is a lot of fun, which led to trying to make sense out of larger and larger sets and groups of data.






February 2014:    


AZ SQL Server User Group Mtg: SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn


Speaker:  Gene Stout



March 2014:    


Unlock the Power in Power BI


Speaker: Matt Smith, Data Platform & Business Intelligence Technology Solution Professional Microsoft

Summary: Power BI is Microsoft's latest cloud self-service BI offering. Join me as we peel back the layers and features of Power BI. What's available? When, How, and Why do I use Power BI? Where does IT play a role? How do I get access and where do I start?

About Matt: Matt is currently a BI & Data TSP at Microsoft and assists Enterprise customers with envisioning, road-mapping, architecting and deploying data centric solutions. He has worked in the Data & BI space for over 9 years and has worked with every version of SQL Server since 2000. Matt is very passionate about how effective use and management of data can significantly impact the success of business.

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April 2014:     


Intro to Storage Performance


Speaker: Stuart Miller, Database Administrator

Summary: CPU, Memory, and Disk are the three pillars that keep our databases standing. Most of us comfortably understand CPU and Memory, even if some subtleties like NUMA can be confusing, but Disk is frequently treated like an indecipherable black box particularly when a SAN enters the picture. After some background on the IO pipe, I'll explain how SQL interacts with the storage and provide some key metrics and measurements to look for. I will then explain some of the tools you have available to see how your storage is performing right now as well as how it could be performing, and explain some of the options you have to bridge that gap.

About Stuart: Stuart Miller has been working in IT for 10 years variously as a UNIX Sysadmin, Network Admin, Software Engineer, and now as a SQL DBA. At 28 years old, he is the second youngest Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server. His specialty is managing sprawl in large, organically-grown environments and bringing order to the chaos.



May 2014:       

Upgrading to SQL Server 2014


Speaker: Carl Speshock, Managing Consultant, BI/DM Catapult Systems

Summary: As to benefit from the new features and capabilities of SQL Server 2014, upgrading to SQL Server 2014 requires planning, analysis, and testing as to ensure a productive upgrade is completed. Come and learn about why an organization can benefit from upgrading to SQL Server 2014 and to learn about this upgrade strategy.

About Carl: Carl Speshock, MBA is a Business Intelligence (BI)/Data Management (DM) Managing Consultant at Catapult Systems, Microsoft Partner – National Systems Integrator. Carl has over 22 years of Microsoft BI/DM consulting experience with 8 years being with Microsoft Consulting Services working with Fortune 500 customers. Carl is the author of two IT books and articles




June 2014:       

A lap around the Analytics Platform System (APS)


Speaker: Orion Gebremedhin, Principal Consultant and BI architect Neudesic

Summary: The Analytics Platform System brings Microsoft’s massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse technology–the SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW)–together with HDInsight, Microsoft’s 100% Apache Hadoop distribution, and delivers it as a turnkey appliance. To integrate data from SQL Server PDW with data from Hadoop, APS offers the PolyBase data querying technology. In this presentation Orion will talk about the fundamental working principles of APS and its building blocks. He will also run some queries on a live APS system and show query performance and monitoring functionalities.

About Orion: Orion Gebremedhin, is a Principal Consultant and BI architect with Neudesic LLC, a Microsoft National System Integrator. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional in the various BI tools and has overseen the successful implementation of a number of large scale business intelligence and data warehousing projects on the Microsoft BI Stack in; manufacturing, Utility, transportation, education and large scale gaming and hospitality establishments. In his spare time he enjoys, mountain biking, traveling and building on the internet of all things.




June 2014:    

Inside the Query Optimizer

Speaker: Bradley Ball, Data Platform Management Lead Pragmatic Works


When it comes to SQL Server one of the biggest request you hear is “How can I make my Query Run FASTER!?”. The answer understanding the first step in that process Is understanding the Query Optimizer. Understanding the Optimizer beings with knowing the Rules. The way our queries are written reflect directly on the output that we get. In this session we will look at the rules in SQL Server, write queries to show those rules in action, and walk out with a better understanding of how the Optimizer works.


About Bradley: Bradley Ball is a MCITP 2005 & 2008 DBA with over 12 years of experience. Bradley spent 8 years working as a Defense contractor for clients such as the U.S. Army, The Executive Office Of the President of the United States, & Publix Supermarkets. He is the Data Platform Management Lead for Pragmatic Works and a Microsoft VTSP. He has presented at many SQL Saturdays, for PASS SSUG’s, SQL Rally, DevConnections, SQL Live 360, & the PASS Summit 2011, 2012, 2013. He Blogs at http://www.sqlballs.com


August 2014: 

The 10 Commandments of ETL (Beginner)


Speaker: Martin Schoombee, BI Architect Insight

Summary: ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) processes are fundamentally important in any data warehouse environment, and there are many different ways in which to develop the components. In this session I will share the 10 basic principles I follow when developing ETL processes, and also show how the different choices can affect performance. Following these simple guidelines have resulted in many successful projects and happy customers. I'm sure it will work for you too!!

About Martin: Martin is a BI Architect at Insight, and have been specializing in Microsoft BI solutons for more than 9 years.


September 2014:       

Power BI for Office 365


Speaker: Amy Lewis, Managing Consultant Catapult Systems

Summary: Power BI for Office 365 provides powerful new ways to work with data in Excel and Office 365. We welcome you to learn about the stunning interactive visualizations that uncover hidden insights to share and collaborate from anyway, on any device.

About Amy: Data architect and Business Intelligence Developer with 18 years experience in a variety of industries. My current focus is the design and development of end-to-end business intelligence solutions using the Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence suite of products.


October 2014:       

Techniques for improving sql query perfromance


Speaker: Joe Barth, Senior Application Specialists Aetna

Summary: "Having trouble with long running queries, have you given up on trying to fix them. Well there are certain techniques that can be used to dissect queries and should be used improve performance. Joe Barth will give an overview of certain techniques used to optimize not only your queries,also optimizing your system as well for further processing."

About Joe: I am currently working at Aetna as a Senior Application Specialists. I work mainly as a SQL Server Developer maintaining an RDBMS system that is continually growing. Providing production support and new improvements to the system. I am also converting DTS to SSIS packages, maintaining and SSRS instance and also providing new enhancements to the system.


November 2014:       

SSAS Design and Performance Best Practices


Speaker: Alan Faulkner, Principal Consultant Business and Decision, North America

Summary: A journey through best practices in relation to scalable SQL Server Analysis Services cube design. From dimension design to SSAS engine internals we will explore SSAS multidimensional design patterns that will take you through steps to assist in getting your SSAS cubes better optimized to better match the needs of your organization. After this session you will be able to take these performance design patterns and apply them to new and existing cubes to tune your SSAS cube environment. Takeaways: · Best practice design patterns · High level understanding of the SSAS internal engine and what role it plays · Tuning techniques that provide performance gains · Emphasis on the importance of solid multidimensional database design Duration: 45 – 60 minutes

About Alan: IT professional offering over 18 years of progressive technical experience. Expertise includes over 17 years of database administration, programming, application programming, web development, and project management. Primary are of focus is business intelligence and data warehousing architecture and development.


December 2014:       

Database Replication Strategies for Improved Productivity


Speaker: Clay Jackson, Database Systems Consultant Dell

Summary: Strategies for Database Replication that can be used to reduce downtime during migrations, distribute database workload and improve database productivity and availability.

About Clay: Specializing in Database Performance Management and Replication Tools. Prior to joining Dell, Jackson was the DBA Manager at Darigold. He also spent 10 years managing Oracle, SQLServer and DB2 databases and DBAs at Washington Mutual. While at WaMu, Jackson was the Enterprise Database Compliance Officer, with responsibility for Database Security and Disaster Recovery. He also worked at Microsoft and Starbucks, is a CISM, and has a Masters in Software Engineering degree from Seattle University.